Chapter One: With Fearful Velocity

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The RingMaster Review

“Taking the senses on a journey as intriguing and enriching as the realms it offers the imagination to explore, Chapter One: With Fearful Velocity is the new album from UK electronic duo PALINDRONES. It is a release weaving soundscapes which just draw the listener in and surrounds them with atmospheric and suggestive possibilities yet also presents ears with the simplest pleasure of enlivening sound.”

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Devolution Magazine

Atomium Magazine

“Samadhi” es el primer adelanto de su álbum Chapter One: With Fearful Velocity.

El dúo electrónico londinense Palindrones acaba de estrenar el single y video clip de “Samadhi”, como primer adelanto de su próximo álbum “Chapter One: With Fearful Velocity” que saldrá a la luz el 5 de mayo. El single oficialmente estará en todas las plataformas digitales el 21 de abril, sin embargo el dúo se adelantó presentando el video clip del sencillo. “

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