Lemuria (single mix)

We’re pleased to present our latest EP Lemuria which features a new “single mix” of Lemuria, from last year’s album Chapter One: With Fearful Velocity, plus an eclectic set of remixes by @scantregard, @auw.music, @deadbloodcells.uk and @bekimachine Available across all streaming platforms and to download from https://palindronesofficial.bandcamp.com PRESS https://atomiummagazine.cl/noticias/1081-el-duo-electronico-palindrones-estrena-el-single-lemuria

Coma Berenices (SLOWED + REVERB)

Our new single Coma Berenices (SLOWED + REVERB) is out now available across all platforms and download at www.palindronesofficial.bandcamp.com Released 29.03.24 Press Karl Magi https://hubpages.com/entertainment/synth-single-review-coma-berenices-slowed-reverb-by-palindrones Not the Amp https://6h0stchant.wixsite.com/nottheamp/post/palindrones-coma-berenices-slowed-reverb-single-review Turn & Work Atomium Magazine https://www.atomiummagazine.cl/noticias/1022-el-duo-electronico-palindrones-presenta-su-nuevo-single-coma-berenices-slowed-reverb

Wayfarer by New Ghost (Palindrones Remix)

We had the pleasure of producing a remix of New Ghost’s new single Wayfarer.Check newghostband.bandcamp.com for the full Wayfarer EP. ALL proceeds raised via Bandcamp will be donated to @sheffield_womens_aid  Released 15.3.24 Art by @wouwouandthewormling

Sukura (single mix)

We’re pleased to present to you our video for Sakura from our album Chapter One: With Fearful Velocity. Available across all streaming platforms and to download from https://palindronesofficial.bandcamp.com Released 13.6.23 Press Atomium Magazine https://atomiummagazine.cl/noticias/933-el-duo-electronico-palindrones-estrena-el-single-sakura

Escape Velocity – 4 track EP

Manga illustration of a man and woman wearing black floating in front of a black whole, trying to reach each other

We’re so happy to unveil our new EP ‘Escape Velocity’! Our new 4-track E.P, featuring ‘Escape Velocity’, the opening song from our recent album, Chapter One: With Fearful Velocity, plus ‘Ephialtes Of Ghostwood’, which is a remix/mashup of Ephialtes from our first e.p The Lighthouse merged with a cover of Julee Cruise’s ‘Falling’ from the … Read more


Escape Velocity, Live music in Bromley, Friday 6th October

Your hosts Palindrones return with their euphoric dance music and “Escape Velocity”; a carefully curated night of live performances featuring Palindrones and 3 original acts with genres spanning electronica, goth, rock, noise, cabaret, techno, industrial, dreampop and more: Palindrones An electronic music duo from Bromley, they craft immersive musical landscapes, mixing pounding beats and blistering synth … Read more

Coma Berenices (Tiānlóng Mix)

In the spring of 2023 we were lucky enough to visit Karen’s ancestral seat of Penang in Malaysia. We were so inspired by the culture, the scenery and the tropical climate we produced this sun-drenched reinterpretation of our song Coma Berenices right in our hotel room! We produced the accompanying video from footage we shot … Read more